Jane Gabites - Pyschologist 

MHSc(HONS), PGDipCounsPysch, MNZPS, LLB, ACC Registered

Jane Gabites - Psychologist

Jane Gabites - Psychologist

About Jane Gabites Psychology

Jane is a Registered Counselling Pyschologist who specialises in evidence based programme(s) relating to weight loss.

"Finding peace in a busy world"

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love it. I believe that people should enjoy food and live fully and consciously.

I do what I do to share my love of food and in a way that will enrich peoples’ lives and not be harmful to them.

I think it’s really amazing to look at our relationship with food. It’s really good to understand unhealthy patterns. In the Western world we don’t do ‘hungry’ and it doesn’t hurt to feel a little bit hungry between meals.

Why do you want to help me?

Because I think you are an awesome person – dynamic, exciting and interesting and I’ve seen you struggle with your weight since I’ve known you. I’ve seen you slim. I have the tools and I want to help you. Without understanding the psychology of weight loss and using diet alone - successful weight loss often cannot happen long term.

How can other people benefit from going along with my journey?

If other people want to lose weight they can see how you will learn to accept and like yourself more; acknowledge the enduring you and live a healthier life. And that may inspire them to live a healthier life if they want to.

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Emma Carlisle - Personal Trainer and Health Coach

Coach Emma Carlisle

Coach Emma Carlisle

About Coach Emma Carlisle of Strong

My name is Emma.

I'm a coach.

A wellness, fitness, nutrition, and life coach.


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Elaine Bracefield - Nutritional Biochemist & Genomic Wellness Consultant

Elaine Bracefield

Elaine Bracefield

About Elaine of Embrace Max Health

After struggling with her weight as a child, Elaine was drawn to better understand how nutrition affects human biology, which she believes to be one of the root causes of most health problems we face today.

Her biochemistry studies means she understands cellular health, genetics and metabolism. She’s fascinated by the body’s innate antioxidant defense systems and specialises in glutathione enhancement, which is essential for the body's natural detoxification pathways.

Combined with a degree in nutrition, she helps clients support their biochemistry and genetics with everyday food and lifestyle choices that are fitted to them.

Passionate about nutrition, genetics and disease prevention, Elaine loves empowering clients to take ownership of their health outcomes. So they can live longer and better.

Why do you do what you do?

My passion for nutrition started at a young age, as I was bullied for being that ‘fat girl’ for most of my childhood.  Until one day I had enough of living my life with that label. I decided I would study nutrition and learn how to lose weight through changing my diet. I lost over 20kg in 9months. Since then I have kept the weight off and people are very surprised when I tell them I was once obese.

In August 2012 my mother Hisayo sadly passed away from breast and spine cancer, she was so brave and strong in her fight against cancer, but it was so hard seeing her suffer with little hope that she would ever recover.

After my mother’s struggle with cancer and being bullied about my weight, I decided that I didn't want to see more people suffer the way that we did.

This is why, I love helping people look and feel at their best naturally. Whilst also being focused on long-term & preventative health solutions. I believe in addressing the root cause of health problems, rather than just treat the symptoms.

Why do you want to help me?

Kate is driven, passionate and ready to make changes in her life, which is why I want to help her.

I am excited about working with Kate as her personal nutritionist because I believe Kate deserves to feel completely comfortable and content with her body, as all women do. I love her motivation and courage to step out of her comfort zone, so that other people can also be inspired to make the steps to transform themselves.

How can other people benefit from going along with my journey?

I believe through following Kate’s journey people will be encouraged, learn interesting new things or find resources and contacts that will help them start their own journey and achieve their health goals, whether it be to shed unwanted extra weight or to have better health naturally.

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Kath Broad - Physiotherapist

MHSC (Physio) Hons, PG Cert (Voc Rehab), PG Cert (Acupuncture), BPhty

Kath Broad

Kath Broad

About Kath of Active Plus Physiotherapy Dominion Road

Kath's special physiotherapy interests include acupuncture, sports physio and orthopaedic medicine and muscle balance assessment and management. Kath is also a certified PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physio, delivering rehabilation to women during their cancer journey.

Why do you do what you do?

I am passionate about helping people. I enjoy the process of finding out what makes people tick and the flip side of that – what holds them back. I don’t want to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. I believe in prehabilitation.

Why do you want to help me?

Because I want to help to break down the physical barriers to achieving your goals. I admire what you are doing by putting yourself out there and I want to help you prevent injuries along the way.

How can other people benefit from going along with my journey?

I feel others can watch your journey and take inspiration from you and I want to contribute to that process. So other people can take heart and watch you step by step as you achieve your goals. One big journey is achieved by a series of little steps.

About Active Plus Dominion Road

Active+ Dominion Rd (Mt Eden) is a spacious physiotherapy clinic located in the south end of Balmoral in the Kensington Mall. The practice is perfectly situated to serve the suburbs of Mt Eden, Sandringham, Balmoral, Point Chev, Grey Lyn, Epsom, Three Kings and Central Auckland. There is lots of free parking out the back off Kensington St. Entry is at the rear of the Mall. Alongside the physio consulting rooms we have a Pilates Studio Cardio Room and Exercise Class room where a range of classes are held including pilates mat classes. We also offer Gym Membership and instruction on training, ideal for sports physiotherapy.

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