Introducing Psychologist Jane Gabites

Jane Gabites is a Psychologist who specialises in evidence based programme(s) relating to weight loss. Jane is working with me on The Shape of Kate and prior to our first session I asked her the following questions.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love it. I believe that people should enjoy food and live fully and consciously.

I do what I do to share my love of food and in a way that will enrich peoples’ lives and not be harmful to them.

I think it’s really amazing to look at our relationship with food. It’s really good to understand unhealthy patterns. In the Western world we don’t do ‘hungry’ and it doesn’t hurt to feel a little bit hungry between meals. 

Why do you want to help me?

Because I think you are an awesome person – dynamic, exciting and interesting and I’ve seen you struggle with your weight since I’ve known you. I’ve seen you slim. I have the tools and I want to help you. Without understanding the psychology of weight loss and using diet alone - successful weight loss often cannot happen long term.

How can other people benefit from going along with my journey?

If other people want to lose weight they can see how you will learn to accept and like yourself more; acknowledge the enduring you and live a healthier life. And that may inspire them to live a healthier life if they want to.