Kate Nankivell

Kate Nankivell

My journey of transformation from being unfit, overweight and lacking in energy to creating a full, rich life - including high energy well being and a strong and fit body.

My Vision

I want to tell you my story as I travel along this journey - stepping way outside of my comfort zone in so many ways - and relate to you the good times, the bad times and the I'm not sure what I'm doing times. 

Out of Shape 

I named my project The Shape of Kate to reflect the shape of many aspects of myself and some are more obvious than others. At the start of my journey my body is very out of shape which is easy to see and I can feel it in so many ways.

However the more interesting stuff is always under the surface and I know and own that it is the shape of my thinking and beliefs that is the real driver and creator of the quality of my life, my body, my relationships and even my business. 

The shape of my thinking and beliefs leading up to the start of The Shape of Kate has included a whole heap of  negative, poor me, victim based and unhealthy thoughts in order for me to have created my current physical state of overweight and unfit. And many people would never know that about me because I present such a positive face to the world. And I am a positive person in so many ways for so many others externally, but it turns out that my negative self talk has been taking a huge toll in my life.

The Shape of Kate is about looking in the mirror psychologically if you like. What am I observing about my self talk? What am I thinking that is crappy, not aligned with my goals and does not create a full, rich life for me? If I want long term positive change for my body I have to change my mind first. 

Weight Loss Is A Side Effect

I am shucking the diet mentality because it does not work and it's a crock that has a massive industry behind it. Many companies make a lot of money from keeping us dieting and fat. Having spent many years of my adult life trying a wide range of diets I know the heartbreak of the yo-yo weight loss and gain that results. Blow that for a way to live. I want out!

The way out is not through yet another strict diet and crazy amounts of exercise and daily weight ins. What a relief. The good news is that it's through my thinking.

The thought wheel in the image above demonstrates the potential and power of our thinking. If I think negative, harsh, judgmental things about myself this will result in negative feelings, which are likely to lead to poor choices like over eating (actions) and overweight (results). Whereas if I change my thinking to positive, kind and compassionate thoughts, then my feelings change to more positive states, which supports my ability to make positive choices to exercise for wellbeing, eating healthy food and stopping when I am full (actions), which cumulatively leads to my wellbeing and a healthy weight (results).

I know that getting my thinking and self talk into shape will result in the full, rich life I want for myself and that the weight loss I want will be a side effect of my improved thinking about myself and my life. Now isn't that a radical thought? Weight loss is a side effect, not the main focus of your every waking minute. I know a lot of women for whom it's the other way around and I want to find and model a new and better way to live.

My Health Values 

  • Freedom
  • Self care
  • Connection 
  • Food as a social experience
  • Food with great flavours
  • Being active
  • Whole foods 
  • Learning about food and nutrition
  • Having fun

What Are My Goals?

I want a rich full life that is focused on my passions, my goals and my business (not dieting). I want to be full of energy, fit, flexible and able to move easily doing what ever I want to do when ever I want to do it. I want to be like my Mum who eats healthy whole food and is fit and super active in her late 70's and is my inspiration for how to live well.

And yes this does include weight loss. I am starting this journey at 150kg and am aiming to achieve the goal of being a fit 90kg. However I am not going to be focused solely on this weight loss. In fact I am deliberately only going to weigh myself once a month or so as it's only one measure. 

I will be reporting back to you more regularly about all aspects of the project like how much fun I am having exercising and what it feels like to achieve a wide range of my wellbeing goals. I think we will all find that way more interesting.

My Commitment

I commit to being courageous, to learn and listen to feedback and be willing to step outside of my comfort zone again and again to achieve my goals. I commit to having a sense of fun too. I know it's going to be tough at times, but I also know how much amazing and synchronisitic stuff happens when you step beyond that comfort zone. I welcome your support for my commitment and this journey.

Working with Experts

I have chosen to work with a team of experts on the shape of Kate project because I want professionals advising me on the best methods in their respective areas of expertise. I am the subject in this project and I am learning from all of them as I go. I am an explorer - if you like - charting a new course on this journey of mine and they are my guides.

Contact My Team for Help

If you get excited and/or inspired about what I am doing and want to learn about "how to" apply something to your own life I encourage you to reach out to my team - all their contact details are supplied on the My Support Team page - and book a session or consultation with them - and they will be able to help you. 

I love hearing your stories whether they are posted on the Facebook page - which is a great place to share them as others benefit so much - or in a private message. I think it's important to let you know that I am not the teacher here. My go-to team are the experts.





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