Introducing Kath Broad - Physiotherapist

At the beginning of this epic journey of mine (in early June) I started exercising with a vague sense that I might become injured along the way. I knew in the back of my mind that my being overweight and under fit was an ideal recipe for strains and injuries when I started moving more than I had been for some time. I didn't think it would happen so early on though.

I had begun walking regularly and doing my PT sessions twice a week. One evening a couple of weeks into The Shape of Kate I was out walking along the waterfront from Mission Bay to Kohimarama. It was a full moon and I love to see the moon on the water around the bays. Anyway enough about the moon - my right knee started to hurt like crazy and I was hobbling by the time I got back to the car. I stretched it heaps on the rock walls along the footpath on my return but to no avail. I was hurting. Ouch!

Kath Broad - My awesome Physio

Kath Broad - My awesome Physio

The following day I called Kath Broad the Owner of Active Plus Physiotherapy Dominion Road and told her about my knee strain and The Shape of Kate. I have known Kath for many years. She is a skilled physio and a wonderful human being who has grown her own business with a focus on prehabilitation. Kath was wonderfully positive about both The Shape of Kate and about joining my support team to care for my strains and injuries. Yay! I was booked in to see her straight away.

I was made to feel at home from the minute I walked through the door - the staff are all so friendly. And going in for my sessions has been revealing. I am fairly bent out of shape and tight and sore in a number of places. To start with my knee was assessed and treated which has included the surrounding leg muscles and my back and core. It's all connected and Kath has given me exercises to improve my strength as she works on my knee. She also gives me acupuncture which gives me such relief from the tightness that is all part of the knee strain.

Kath was the one who recommended I get into the pool as I had to stop walking with my knee causing me to hobble about and I've followed her advice. First of all I tried water jogging - I'm not so hot at that although as a social activity it's a lot of fun with a friend, and then gave swimming a go. I'm loving the swimming and it's definitely helping. When I first got into the pool I was clinging to the ladder as I crept slowly down the steps being super careful of my knee. Now I'm much stronger and I'm working on gradually increasing the number of lengths over time. 

I am on a regular programme now of the treatment sessions with Kath (as I need them), exercises to build my core and knee strength and balance along with my swimming. Thanks to Kath for her wise advice and her great treatment sessions.

About Kath of Active Plus Physiotherapy Dominion Road 

MHSC (Physio) Hons, PG Cert (Voc Rehab), PG Cert (Acupuncture), BPhty 

Kath's special physiotherapy interests include acupuncture, sports physio and orthopaedic medicine and muscle balance assessment and management. Kath is also a certified PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Physio, delivering rehabilation to women during their cancer journey.

Why do you do what you do?

I am passionate about helping people. I enjoy the process of finding out what makes people tick and the flip side of that – what holds them back. I don’t want to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. I believe in prehabilitation.

Why do you want to help me?

Because I want to help to break down the physical barriers to achieving your goals. I admire what you are doing by putting yourself out there and I want to help you prevent injuries along the way.

How can other people benefit from going along with my journey?

I feel others can watch your journey and take inspiration from you and I want to contribute to that process. So other people can take heart and watch you step by step as you achieve your goals. One big journey is achieved by a series of little steps.

Contact Info

Kath's business Active Plus Dominion Road is in a very central Auckland location. I encourage you to contact Kath's team the next time you get an injury and/or need a physio. Phone: 09 631 0010

Introducing Psychologist Jane Gabites

Jane Gabites is a Psychologist who specialises in evidence based programme(s) relating to weight loss. Jane is working with me on The Shape of Kate and prior to our first session I asked her the following questions.

Why do you do what you do?

Because I love it. I believe that people should enjoy food and live fully and consciously.

I do what I do to share my love of food and in a way that will enrich peoples’ lives and not be harmful to them.

I think it’s really amazing to look at our relationship with food. It’s really good to understand unhealthy patterns. In the Western world we don’t do ‘hungry’ and it doesn’t hurt to feel a little bit hungry between meals. 

Why do you want to help me?

Because I think you are an awesome person – dynamic, exciting and interesting and I’ve seen you struggle with your weight since I’ve known you. I’ve seen you slim. I have the tools and I want to help you. Without understanding the psychology of weight loss and using diet alone - successful weight loss often cannot happen long term.

How can other people benefit from going along with my journey?

If other people want to lose weight they can see how you will learn to accept and like yourself more; acknowledge the enduring you and live a healthier life. And that may inspire them to live a healthier life if they want to.